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In Mairowa Village, had only one Government Primary school when we went there 2004. There is no English Medium school and some people take their children to Kenya and Uganda to get good quality education.  There was only one nearby Secondary school at Longido, 34 kilometers from Mairowa Village. The fact that people are normadic, widely scattered and also fear wild animal attack has hindered many from coming to school in the past.

The area is one of the places where Malaria, Typhoid, Pneumonia, Asthma, Tuberculosis, Diarrhea, and HIV/AIDS. HIV/AIDS prevalence is high in the area and has caused the presence and the growing number of many orphans and widows within the area who could not fully work and operate to provide for good and quality education, health services and daily support to their families. In addition, there was also water shortage within the village.

So Ereto East Africa Foundation decided to facilitate Mairowa community by focusing on the needs of identified orphans, children from poorest of the poor families, growing numbers of street kids, and widows within the area by providing education, health services, water supply, HIV/AIDS education and, Community and Church Leadership development

Featured Projects

Child Sponsorship

Under this project Ereto East Africa Foundation started a Child Sponsorship Programs to address the needs identified by providing identified children with Spiritual nurture and Social activities, Nutrition and  Medical Health Care, School feeding program. Children who are eligible for Sponsorship include: Orphan children, Children from Poorest of the poor families, and Street kids.

Child Sponsor with her sponsored child

School feeding program


School feeding program

Ereto East Africa Foundation had constructed 10 classrooms and recruited children who are receiving quality education. Mairowa Integrity School is an English Medium Pre & Primary school. We have constructed 4 teachers’ houses, Administration building, kitchen, dining hall and a modern toilet facility.

Community Health Care Program and Medical Supplies Provision for Engarenaibor/Mairowa Dispensary

Ereto East Africa Foundation  has continued to work with the community to reduce prevalence of Malaria, Typhoid, Pneumonia, Asthma, Tuberculosis, Diarrhea, skin diseases and dental related incidences among children and adults in Mairowa community by providing basic health care and suppying of medical equipment and medicine to Engarenaibor dispensary and provide hygenic material to all children in the program, it has also allocated and set aside a fixed budget to meet medical treatment for children under the program on annual basis. We also provide porridge and lunch for our student from Monday to Friday.

Water Project

Bore hole using a pump and a generator to supply water for our School, Government Secondary School and a 12000 liters water reservoir for the community water supply.

We ensure adequate water supply at the school site and at the school compound for school use in order to reduce water shortage and incidence of water borne diseases by extending pipelines from a near by water source to the project area.

Agriculture Project – School Sustainability Initiatives

Varieties of vegetables are grown in Engarenaibor, Longido district. This is meant to help transform the indigenous peoples attitude/mentally. We grows vegetables like Egg plant, Onions, Spinach, Water Melon, Cabbage etc.

Varieties of Vegetables

Chicken Project – Community Entrepreneurship Development

Some local community people including widows were provided chicken and chicken coops as some of the Income Generating Activity initiatives.

Widows were given land for growing variesties of vegetables, Mlonge and bee farming. They were able to purchase goats.